When to Apply

Please apply to graduate at least two quarters before you plan to graduate. This will allow you to meet the priority deadline. Applications submitted after the priority deadline are subject to a late fee of $45.  

Degree Application Deadlines 

A group of students in black graduation gowns thrown graduation caps into the air

Steps to Graduate

1. Email the Geology Undergraduate Program Coordinator for your Geology Degree Evaluation ( The Program Coordinator will then forward your evaluation to the Geology Chair for final approval, so please allow enough time for processing.

If you are completing any additional majors or minors, please go to the relevant department(s) to get a degree evaluation. Please note our degree evaluation process may differ from another department's evaluation process. 

 Earth Science Education majors: Please contact your Earth Science Education faculty advisor for your degree evaluation.

2. Once your degree evaluation has been approved, complete and submit your Degree Application.


  • Please note you cannot submit your degree application until your degree evaluation has been approved for your major. 
  • All degree evaluations and applications must be completed electronically, and paper forms are no longer accepted. Submission instructions are detailed in the Degree Application form. 
  • Note: There will be a $65.00 priority deadline degree application fee, which the Registrar's Office will bill to your account.

Learn more about the graduation process.

Graduating with Departmental Honors and Distinction

BA or BS students and students in the University Honors College who have completed at least 4 credits of GEOL 490 and have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher meet the requirements for departmental honors. Those students who have completed at least 4 credits of GEOL 490 and have a cumulative GPA higher than 3.20 meet the requirements for departmental distinction.