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Pacific  Northwest  Section
Spokane 2012 PNW Section Conference Pictures
Eloika Lake, A. Buddington, photo
Field Kilt!  Tark Hamilton & Gene Kiver. A. Buddington, photo
Frank Hladkey with the Missoula Floods route map through the Spokane Valley, photo by Jay Van Tassell.
Gene Kiver & Frank Hladkey showing the Missoula flood routes through the Pend Orielle Valley, photo by Jay Van Tassell.
Gene Kiver discussing Missoula floods and glaciation features, A. Buddington, photo
Manresa Grotto, A. Buddington, photo
Pendant bars, A. Buddington, photo
Glacial and Missoula Floods History in the Pend Oreille River Valley Area. Trip led by Gene Kiver, EWU.
Participants learned about the complicated movement of glaciers and Missoula Floods in a mostly ignored part of northeastern Washington. Glacial moraines and outwash deposits were overprinted during ice recession when the Lake Missoula ice dam in the nearby Purcell Trench failed.

A. Buddington, photo
A. Buddington, photo
A. Buddington, photo
Conference Day at Spokane Community College, talk & poster sessions.
Bill Rember, keeper of the Clarkia, photo by Jay Van Tassell
Clarkia fossils, A. Buddington, photo
Clarkia fossil excavations, A. Buddington, photo
Clarkia fossils, Bill Rember & Bill Orr getting dirty, A. Buddington, photo
Front to back, Carla Whittington, Jodie Harnden & Lynda Sanders at the Clarkia fossil beds, A. Buddington, photo
Clarkia fossils, A. Buddington, photo
Bill Orr after the perfect Clarkia fossil find, photo by Jay Van Tassell
Clarkia fossils, Bill Orrs fantastic find, A. Buddington, photo
The Clarkia Laggerstatte Field Trip, led by Bill Rember, U of Idaho.
Located in the Clearwater Mountains near Clarkia, Idaho, this is considered one of the best sites for Miocene plant fossils in the Pacific Northwest - and perhaps in the world! Stephen J. Gould's "Magnolias from Moscow" highlights this spectacular record of past life. The Clarkia beds are a true Lagerstätte in all sense of the word: a site with significant species diversity exhibiting exceptional preservation. Trip participants collected a spectacular array of Miocene flora and learned about the development of Lake Clarkia along with paleoclimate implications.
​A garnet & kyanite collecting spot was also visited nearby.

Another field kilt photo! Tark Hamilton, in pic.  A. Buddington, photo
Deformed Permian limestones of Quesnellia,  A. Buddington, photo
"Hi, Daina!" (Hardisty).   A. Buddington, photo
Eric Cheney and the thrusted metaline limstone,  A. Buddington, photo
Fossil rain drops?  A. Buddington, photo
Eriks Puris on Precambrian redbeds,  A. Buddington, photo
Folding and cleavage in the Deer Trail Group,  A. Buddington, photo
The "Idaho Mafia" examining the Deer Trail Group,  A. Buddington, photo
Lunch and lecture at Lake Roosevelt,  A. Buddington, photo
No raincoat, but a big sandwich!!  A. Buddington, photo
The Mesmerizing Master,  A. Buddington, photo
Mylonites of the Kettle metamorphic core complex,  A. Buddington, photo
Mylonitic quartzite, Kettle MCC,  A. Buddington, photo
Sheath fold, Kettle Metamorphic Core Complex,  A. Buddington, photo
The Continental Margin Geology and Tectonic History of NE Washington: Precambrian to Tertiary.  Led by Eric Cheney, UW. 
The geologic and tectonic history of the western margin is well-exposed in northeast Washington.  Precambrian sedimentation (Belt Supergroup), the rifting of Rodinia (Windermere Supergroup) with the development of early Paleozoic margin (Sauk sequence), the collision of Quesnellia, and the formation of the Kettle metamorphic core complex were all examined during the course of this 2-day trip.
Blacklock Point with sea stack of Jurassic Otter Point Formation
Eriks Puris looking for radiolarians in banded cherts of the Otter Point Fm.
Folded cherts of the Otter Point Fm.
“Phacoids” in sheared Otter Point Fm., Blacklock Point.
Accretionary mélange breccia, Otter Point Formation
Soft sediment deformation in Cretaceous, Hunters Cove Fm., Blacklock Pt.
Joe Hull in an unusually good mood, Cape Blanco.
Top of a recently buried (via active dune migration) coastal fir, Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.
Yachats (Eocene) basalt, Haceta Head w/submarine breccias, dike swarms, pillows, and lava tubes.
Highway 101 bridge at Devil’s Elbow State Park.
Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.
Weathered lower Coaledo Fm. at the 7-Devils terrace surface.
Beach at 7-Devils Wayside.
The rocks are watching! Concretions in Coaledo Fm. sandstones.
Steeply dipping Coaledo Fm., Whiskey Run
Coquille River jetty and lighthouse on faulted Otter Pt. Fm. (Coquille River fault).
Stump art; 300 (+) year old buried tree (Sitka Spruce?) stump, Bandon Marsh.
Coos Bay 2013 PNW Section Conference Pictures. All pictures by Andy Buddington.