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The PNW NAGT Store
Would you like to purchase past field trip guidebooks from our Section Meetings? Contact  Ron Metzger at


SUMMER 2012- Spokane, WA – Cost: $20.00 (includes shipping). Program with Abstracts (19 pp). Kiver et al: Missoula Floods, Glaciers, Early People and Explorers in Northeast Washington (not reprinted, available from; Rember: The Clarkia Lagerstatte (30 pp), Miocene flora and fauna from northern Idaho. Cheney and Buddington: Geology of the Continental Margin of Ancestral North America: Laurentia in Northeastern Washington (45 pp), new and detailed.

SUMMER 2010 – Twin Falls, Idaho - Cost: $15.00 (includes shipping) – Etched in Stone: The Geology of City of Rocks and Castle Rocks (not reprinted by NAGT);Pogue and Katz, available from the Idaho Geological Survey, Information Circular 63. Effects of volcanism and the Bonneville Flood in the central Snake River Plain near Twin Falls and Hagerman, Idaho (35 pp.) Othberg and Garwood. Detailed two-day guide (in color) to a geologically busy and scenic part of the SRP. Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument and Snake River whitewater raft trip (no guidebook).

SUMMER 2009 - Vancouver, BC- Cost: $10.00 (includes shipping) – Beauty and Disaster on the Sea to Sky Highway (10 pp.)Gilley et alia. Geology and hazards along Highway 99 between Vancouver and Whistler. The Paleogene Huntingdon Formation (23 pp.) Mustard and Gilley. Paleontology and stratigraphy of the type locality near Abbotsford. Canadian Cascade volcanism (not reprinted.) Russell, Hickson and Andrews. Available through the Geological Society of America (#9 under Archive).

SUMMER 2008 - Yakima, WA - Cost: $25.00 (includes shipping) - Geology of the Yakima fold and thrust belt and the Columbia River Basalt Group (18 p.) Reidel and Campbell. Physical and chemical characteristics of the CRBG and geometry of fold and faults. Plus a reprint of an older, scarce guide (30 p.) Geology along U.S. 12 (9 p.) Hammond and Pringle. Mainly Tertiary volcanism and sedimentation in the south Cascades. Terriors of the Yakima Valley (3 p.) Busacca, Norman and Wolfe. The Yakima wine-growing region (11 p. and map) Busacca and Norman. The relationship among soils, climate, and wine in the Yakima Valley.

SUMMER 2006 - Bellingham, WA - Cost: $10.00 (includes shipping) - Geology of the North Cascades (10 p.) Scott Babcock, Western Washington University. A potpourri of structure, petrology, volcanism and glacial geology. Geology of the San Juan Islands (23 p.) Ned Brown and Liz Schermer, Western Washington University. Stops include Richardson and Shark Reef on Lopez Island and various locales on Fidalgo Island. Structure and tectonics emphasized.

SUMMER 2005 - Coos Bay, OR - Cost: $15.00 (includes shipping) - Geology of the Southwest Oregon Coast (30 p.) Ron Metzger, Southwest Oregon Community College. Plus abstracts of the talks, etc. Three days of field trips to various parts of the coast of southwestern Oregon, from Newport in the north to the California border to the south. Field trip stops focus primarily on the Tertiary paleontology, stratigraphy and structure; coastal processes and landforms, including coseismic uplift of terraces; earthquake and tsunami hazards; and the relationship between coastal geology and Native Americans. There are also a few stops in the Klamath Province.

SUMMER 2003 - Juneau, AK- Cost: $15.00 (includes shipping) - Juneau Roadside Geology (45 p.) A full-day field trip to the roadside geology in the greater Juneau area. Focus areas include the UAS Auke Lake campus, Gastineau Channel Egan Highway, Douglas Island, Lemon Creek, Mendenhall Glacier and Valley, and the Auke Bay area. Both bedrock and surficial geology are emphasized, with special mention of neotectonics. Cathy Conner, University of Alaska-SE. Tracy Arm Field Guide via Catamaran (22 p.) A full day field trip to Tracy Arm (south of Juneau) via high speed catamaran. This trip focuses on the bedrock geology of Tracy Arm exposed in the fjord walls on this exceptional cross-strike traverse across a major terrane boundary into the Coast Plutonic complex. The trip also highlights the glacial history of this region. Close-up views of the calving tide-water South Sawyer glacier are highlights of the trip. Cathy Conner, University of Alaska-SE.

SUMMER 2OO1 - BELLEVUE, WA - Cost: $10.00 (includes shipping) - San Juan Island Structure and Tectonics (10 p.) A one-day trip to San Juan Island in the western part of the archipelago. The focus of the field trip is on the tectonic evolution of the San Juan Islands, and the major deformation zones that juxtapose rocks of different ages and affinities. Darrel Cowan, University of Washington. Mt. Rainier Lahars (20 p.) A one-day field trip to lahar deposits on the lowlands and flanks of Mt. Rainier. Stops include the buried forest at Orting and other Osceola Mudflow localities, and the 1963 debris avalanche at the foot of the Emmons glacier. Pat Pringle, Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources. Urban Geology of Seattle: Mass Movements (33 p.) A one-day field trip to several localities in West Seattle that show several different types of mass movements (shallow earth flows, deep-seated slides and a debris flow). Two major engineering projects at California Way and at Duwamish Head are featured. Bill Nashem, Shannon and Wilson. Urban Geology of Seattle: The Seattle Fault (3 p.) A half-day field trip to a variety of localities that illustrate deformation of relatively young strata associated with movement along the Seattle fault, including the folded Olympia interbeds at Meek Kwa Mooks, and the contorted pro-glacial clays and silts under I-5 near Safeco Field. Brian Sherrod, USGS.

SUMMER 2000 - PORTLAND, OR - Cost: $10.00 (includes shipping) - Tsunami Deposits along the Niawiakum River (14 p.) A one-day trip in southwestern Washington to examine about 4000 years of tsunami deposits preserved in the banks of the muddy Niawiakum, including deposits from the famous 1700 megathrust earthquake. Brian also describes the delicate logistics of canoes and tides and permits. Brian Atwater, USGS. Geologic History of the Lower Columbia River Gorge (24 p.) A one-day trip that emphasizes various types of mass movements (rockfalls, debris flows, slides, slumps) along the Columbia River Gorge east of Portland, plus young deposits related to the Columbia River and its tributaries. Scott includes a student field exercise as well. Scott Burns, Portland State University.

SUMMER 1999 - SPOKANE, WA - Cost: $13.00 (includes shipping) - Geology of Spokane and Vicinity (7 p.) A one-day trip to the highlights of the local geology, including Proterozoic gneisses, a sand and gravel aquifer, big basalt columns, and intrusive relationships in a granite body. Andy Buddington, Spokane Community College; Geology of the Belt Basin and Coeur d'Alene District (15 p.) A one-day trip centered around the Proterozoic strata of easternmost Washington and northern Idaho, the Coeur d'Alene metal district, and the basin-wide Superfund site. Emphasis on stratigraphy, structure and precious metal deposits. James Hoffman, Eastern Washington University, Andy Buddington, Spokane Community College; Glacial History of the Northern Columbia River Plateau (40 p.) A one-day field trip from Spokane to Dry Falls along the northern portion of the Columbia River plateau, emphasizing features of deposition and erosion during the last glacial epoch. This is a very comprehensive guide and road log, and perhaps unique for this area. Eugene Kiver and Dale Stradling, Eastern Washington University.